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Real Style Tries Top BB Creams

BB Creams are the latest must have beauty product on the shelves. Everyone company has added a BB cream to their line. If you aren’t using a BB cream daily, we aren’t sure what you are waiting for. It’s most likely you are overwhelmed by the number of new BB creams on the market and don’t know which one suits your skin best. Real Style tried nine Top BB Creams to see which ones we loved and who should be using them:

Olay Fresh Effect BB Cream – $14

Those who haven’t tried BB Cream before will probably feel comfortable with a tried and true brand like Olay creating skin care you can trust. When we started to squeeze the bottle we noticed that this is the thickest BB cream we’ve ever felt. When you apply it, it is not too heavy, but you can definitely feel it there. It stays tacky on the face for the first few minutes, so you will need to let it dry before you apply anything over top. The first day we wore the Olay BB cream out, we got at least two compliments in our skin. Everyone noticed how we looked nicely tanned and our skin looked brighter and younger. That definitely scores it bonus points in our book! But by the end of the work day, our face was really red once again.

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