How To Get ’20s-Inspired Flapper Hair

With the arrival of the much-anticipated The Great Gatsby in theatres on Friday, fans of 1920s-inspired beauty in the film are in luck. The period flick promises to take us back in time, with hair trends for spring taking cue. If you’ve always wanted a 1920s-style flapper look like Daisy Buchanan (played by Carey Mulligan), now is your chance to get the look- maybe even in time for opening night if you really want to get into the spirit!

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What You Need:

Make sure you have all the necessary materials on hand before starting this hair tutorial. That includes a handful of bobby pins, a hair setting lotion, wave clips, set of rollers, a comb/brush, dry clean hair, and heat styling spray for a great finish.

1) Start curling: Once you have everything that you need, start by curling your hair with the rollers. Use a hot roller set which can create tighter curls, such as Conair Hot Sticks Hairsetter.

2) Remove curlers: After getting the desired curl, take out the rollers and comb out the hair with your fingers (hence the term “finger waves”) and then with a brush.

3) Set in place: You don’t want to lose the great style that you’re on your way to creating, so set everything in place with a setting lotion (the video recommends a great one, Lottabody, which is available at Sally Beauty). Use the wave clips to hold everything in place while you’re doing this, and a comb to separate sections of hair to make setting easier.

4) Almost done: Remove the clips and you should have a head of beautifully set flapper waves. Use a finishing spray if you’re worried about the style lasting the night, and you’re good to go. If you like, finish off with a delicate vintage hairpiece like Daisy wears in The Great Gatsby. Enjoy!

The following YouTube tutorial shows how to get the look for short hair:

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