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Stem Cell Facelift – The Next Big Thing In Plastic Surgery?

It seems like they’ll never be an end to the quest for the fountain of youth. With an ever-increasing public appetite for products and services designed to make you look and feel younger, the business of plastic surgery is always looking for the next ‘big thing’ and now the buzz is all about stem cell facelifts.

According to the Daily Mail, the stem cell facelift – not to be confused with the stem cell facial that uses sheep placenta – doctors take stem cell-enriched tissue from fatty areas like the stomach or inner thigh and inject it back into the face. They may also use a centrifuge to separate the cells and add them back into the fat before grafting.

Practitioners claim that this process produces better results, but some experts argue it’s just another name for fat grafting – a technique that has been around for years. Essentially moving body fat from one area to another. 

With a price tag of $20,000 and no real data to support benefits or limitations, the stem cell facelift is just one more procedure that needs to prove itself. 


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