Beauty Trend: Clear Self Tanner

Warm weather is finally making its way to us and with it comes the urge to brighten up and refresh dull, pale skin. Self tanner is one way to rejuvenate and bring radiance to skin. 

Self tanners have been around for years and the formulas have come a long way, but many fear the unsightly and hard to remove stains that self tanners can leave on clothing, sheets and furniture. Enter clear self tanning spray.

New York based Brownberry Clear Sunless Tanning Spray is a healthy, continuous spray formula that combines a clear sunless tanner with Vitamin D3, a vital nutrient women lack universally from sunshine and natural food sources alone. The fresh green tea scented mist is lightweight and non-drying with even coverage, providing a naturally flawless glow in a few hours. A non-staining self tanner with skin care benefits? Sounds like a good beauty buy to us!

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