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Why The Treadmill Is Damaging Your Weight Loss Goals

A new study has found that long, low intensity workouts such as walking leisurely may have more health benefits than short intense sessions such as hitting the treadmill for an hour, a philosophy that famous celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak has held for years, which he talked to us about in the Spring 2013 issue of Real Style.

The study, conducted in the Netherlands, took three groups of young adults to test out different types of workout routines. One group did not do any exercise, one group did one hour of intense workout after a long day of sitting and the final group split their time between sitting, walking and standing.

After looking at results, they found that those who worked out hard for just an hour a day may have better results for a short time, those who did longer low impact workouts say better results in the long term. Cholesterol and insulin levels were much improved in the low impact workout routine.

This shows that one hour of cardio each day may not be the best workout regime for you. If you are looking for long term health benefits, the best workout routine may be something much easier. In practical terms, it means you’re probably better off walking a few hours a day to do your errands or to meet up with friends than you are driving everywhere but hitting the treadmill for an hour to make up for it.

Celebrity trainer Pasternak actually Wtakes this idea a bit further by suggesting that working out on a treadmill might actually do more harm than good to your weight loss goals. Think about it this way: When you go to the gym for an hour, do you often feel like you deserve to indulge in a few of your favourite foods? Exactly.

We spoke exclusively to Pasternak at his LA gym for the Spring 2013 issue of Real Style, and he confirmed this idea: “Doing too much cardio can actually be hazardous to your weight loss goals. You get hungrier as you work out more intensely,” Pasternak told us. “Looking at the healthiest countries in the world in the World Diet Book, you see that none of these people do their cardio on a treadmill. The idea of being on a treadmill is ridiculous, just walk where you need to go. I know we have some urban sprawl issues in North America that make it more difficult for us, but there definitely are ways around it… All of my clients get pedometres and that’s really important.”

All you have to do is look at the incredible bodies of some of Pasternak’s most high profile clients like Megan Fox, Halle Berry, Eva Mendes and Katy Perry to take his word for it. Find out more about Pasternak and his life-changing fitness and diet philosophies in our Real Style’s Spring 2013 article: Work Out King: Harley Pasternak.

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