Sarah Gadon’s 5 Favourite Beauty Products

Our current cover girl, Cosmopolis star Sarah Gadon, quite possibly has the most beautiful complexion we’ve ever seen, even up close and on a day off from filming. The good news for the rest of us is that she does indeed use a few products to enhance her natural beauty. “Don’t get me wrong, I love school, but I love my beauty products,” said the University of Toronto student when we spoke to her for our Spring 2013 cover story. “I try tons of stuff on set. I’m the product guru of my friends.” Gadon was kind enough to tell us all about the beauty products she currently has in her makeup bag for spring 2013. Here are Sarah Gadon’s 5 favourite beauty products:

1. Luminous Silk Foundation by Giorgio Armani Beauty: “This stuff will change your life. It’s like you just airbrushed yourself in real life. It feels like velvet and you never break out from it. It never looks like you’re wearing makeup and you can layer it if you need to. It’s a beauty workhorse.”

2. Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer: “I tell all my girlfriends who aren’t actors to buy it because it lasts. It’s not like your typical foundation that you’re throwing out every 2 months. This is so moisture-rich, I keep it for about six months. It’s incredible, and it’s the ultimate for blemishes and underneath your eyes.”

3. Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder: “This powder doesn’t get heavy, and it’s translucent so it doesn’t matter what your skin tone is.”

4. Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm: “They’re like big chapstick crayons, and they’re incredible. I wear them all the time.”

5. Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo: “My hair has been put through the ringer. It’s been stripped. I had to cut it because it’s the new year, and I had to get my hair better. I don’t wash my hair that much anymore. I try to do it like once or twice a week, and this dry shampoo carries me through. Everyone has to learn to use it in the right way for her hair. I have a lot of hair, but it’s very fine, so for me it’s all about using it around the root, but some people need it in their actual hair. I don’t really use it with styling products.”

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