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Real Style Tries B. Kamins Skin Care

Inspired by the maple trees for a cold Canadian winter, chemist Ben Kaminsky developed the B. Kamins spa line of skincare products that are developed to treat skin conditions for a luxurious feel at home or the salon. Real Style tried the maple B. Kamins skin care line to see if our Canadian inspiration helped create a winning collection.

The first thing that is impossible to not notice when you open the B. Kamins Maple products are that they don’t actually smell like maple. The sugar sweetness you expect from the name is missing and the lotions and washes don’t really have much of a smell. When you get these types of products without any fragrance, it may be disappointing, but you should take it as a sign that it’s also going to be high quality. There is no room for fancy smells in lotions and cleansers designed to get your skin as clean as possible.

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We replaced our favourite products with the B. Kamins Maple Creamy Cleanser, Maple Day Cream, and Maple Body Lotion with great results.  The maple products are full of vitamins A and E protecting your skin and working as anti-oxidants on your face. You can really feel them working in your skin. The cleanser is made for dry to normal skin and is quite gentle on your face.

The body lotion and moisturizers are thick and rich. Unlike other drugstore brands, you can feel the protection of the creams lasting on your skin. The day cream is actually such as rich moisturizer that we would recommend it more for people suffering from very dry skin then just your average issues. It really helps to add moisturizer on dry days.

While we would definitely recommend that you try B. Kamins, you shouldn’t just jump into buying the first product that suits your fancy. The B. Kamins collections are very specific to your skin care needs and with prices ranging from $30 to $160, you don’t want to get something that doesn’t suit your needs.

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