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Real Style Network Tries Stila’s Skin Care Collection

One of our favourite names in makeup, Stila, has recently gotten into the skin care business with their new skin care set featuring two different types of cleansers, a moisturizing gel, brightening serum and toner. Real Style tried out the five piece collection to see if they are just as dependable in skin care as they are in makeup.

The five pieces in this Stila skin care set are made to take the guesswork out of getting a clean face. You have everything you could need in these five pieces. It’s nice knowing that when you go to get ready in the morning or before bed that you don’t have to wondering which cleanser or moisturizer to use. It’s made for every skin type and is gentle enough for delicate skin, but with the additional of the exfoliating scrub gives you a deeper clean too.

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This is the skin care set for the woman who doesn’t want to worry and fuss over her daily face washing routine. There is something to be commended for a skin care set that is no fuss. There isn’t even a fancy smell. Stila’s Skin Care collection gets your skin clean without making a big deal out of the process. With all of the fancy bottles and long complicated instructions for some products, this is a breath of fresh air.

If we have one issue with the Stila collection, it is that we wish it was paired down a little more. While we are applying, we didn’t really feel like we needed the Brightening Serum, Toner and Gel Moisturizer along with our CC Cream, BB Cream, primer and every other product we are using on our face.

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This new Spring skin care collection is available now in a trial pack for just $19 at Murale and is the perfect collection for someone starting from scratch.

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