Oz the Great and Powerful Inspired Makeup & Hair

Since Oz the Great and Powerful directed by Sam Raimi is set to be released for March 8, we can expect to see upcoming spring trends in hair and makeup inspired by both the long-awaited movie itself and its stars. With Michelle Williams playing Glinda, the Good Witch, and Mila Kunis starring as edgy Theodora, beauty seems to take a cue from the world of Oz. Here’s a list of some fantastical looks and collections to suit everyone’s taste- whether you’re feeling dark and dramatic like the Wicked Witch of the West, or feminine and sweet like Glinda.

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1) Urban Decay Theodora Palette/Glinda Palette: Urban Decay has revealed two beautiful limited edition collections (at $49 each), which promise to help you connect with either your inner Michelle Williams or Mila Kunis. The Theodora set features dark, earthy eyeshadow tones such as rich browns, pearl green, and black satin, along with a dark eye pencil and red lip gloss pencil. On the other hand, The Glinda Palette is pale and pastel-toned with plenty of shimmer, purples, and soft pinks. Both sets are in tune with next season’s eyeshadow trends.

2) OPI Oz the Great and Powerful Collection: Never one to miss the beauty boat, OPI has released its Oz collection just in time for the movie. The mystical universe of Oz is captured in its nail polish range. Whether you prefer the blue and white shimmer of the Lights of Emerald City, or the nude-pink simplicity of the Glints of Glinda shade, this is one adventure you won’t want to miss.


3) Inspired Nail Art: If OPI’s collection isn’t enough to satisfy your craving for great nails, why not take it a step further with this themed manicure tutorial? Although Dorothy and her companions don’t make an appearance in the upcoming film (a prequel), the nails still manage to capture the spirit of Oz!

4) Glinda the Good Witch Inspired Hair: With her flowing curls and welcoming smile, Glinda’s comforting presence and charisma have always been mesmerizing. Michelle Williams looks every bit the part in Oz. If you want to achieve Glinda-worthy curls, use a one inch curling iron such as BabyBliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic, and finish off with a soft hold hairspray (like Paul Mitchell Styling Soft Light Hold Finishing Spray).

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Photos Courtesy of: Urban Decay, OPI, Walt Disney Pictures

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