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Harley Pasternak Interview – Real Style Takes You Inside His Home Gym

We decided to profile celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak in the Spring 2013 issue of Real Style Magazine, not just because he’s the man responsible for Megan Fox’ post-baby physique and the reason why Eva Mendes and Halle Berry only seem to look more fit and beautiful with age. Truth be told, that was a huge part of why we wanted to meet Harley. The other reason we’re fascinated with Harley Pasternak? He has one of the most refreshing approaches to weight loss we’ve heard in years. Harley doesn’t think over-extending yourself at the gym is the key to getting in tip-top shape. In fact, Harley will be the first person to tell you that you’re better off walking everywhere you go than hopping on the treadmill for 45 minutes.

“Doing too much cardio can actually be hazardous to your weight loss goals. You get hungrier as you work out more intensely,” Pasternak told us in the Spring issue. “Looking at the healthiest countries in the world in the World Diet Book, you see that none of these people do their cardio on a treadmill. The idea of being on a treadmill is ridiculous, just walk where you need to go. I know we have some urban sprawl issues in North America that make it more difficult for us, but there definitely are ways around it… All of my clients get pedometres and that’s really important.”

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Pasternak, of course, will be the first to tell you that introducing walking to your everyday life needs to be coupled with a sensible diet if you’re actually going to lose weight. Enter Pasternak’s new book, The Body Reset Diet, available today (Penguin). In his new book, he outlines a 15-day smoothie and eating plan with recipes that use no more than 5 ingredients, so it’s super easy to follow. The diet helps reset your metabolism and kick start your weight loss goals so that you can be at you ideal body weight in less time than you thought possible.

To find out more about Harley Pasternak’s approach to weight loss, read our exclusive interview with Pasternak in the Spring 2013 issue of Real Style here.

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