Copy Selena Gomez’ Voluminous Ponytail From David Letterman

Last night Selena Gomez appeared on David Letterman with this great look of a voluminous retro inspired ponytail. This is one hairstyle we are sure you are going to want to copy to look just as sexy as Selena Gomez.

To get Selena’s hair style start with hair that hasn’t been freshly washed and apply a texturizing spray all over the hair. Be sure to work it into your roots to help give you the needed volume.

Curl the ends of your hair with a large wand curling iron. Secure the bottom half of your hair with a ponytail. This will be part of the style, but also keeps it out of the way for the next few steps.

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Tease the top portion of your hair by back combing you hair. The more you tease the more volume you will get. Add some more texture spray if needed as you go.

Smooth your new voluminous hair back and secure it in place with your ponytail with bobby pins and hairspray all of your hair to finish your Selena Gomez hair.

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