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An Anti-Wrinkle Cream Made From Your Own Body Fat

If liposuction and facelifts seemed revolutionary a few decades ago, we can only imagine what earlier decades would have to say if they knew what trends in beauty and health are now popular and fairly low risk today. Even we were delightly surprised to learn about the latest revolution in skin care: turning your own body fat into an anti-wrinkle cream. That’s right. At first it sounds too good to be true. Can you imagine having this conversation with a plastic surgeon: “So what you’re saying is, I can take fat off of my hips, extract the stem cells from it and then turn those stem cells into an amazing anti-wrinkle cream for my face that restores damaged skin?” Well, that’s exactly what’s happening these days in the world of skin care.

Personal Cell Sciences, a New Jersey-based company, launched a customized skin care line last year called U Autologous that is custom-made for clients out of their own stem cells. The company refers to itself as “the world’s first skin care line designed and created especially for you.” To get to the stem cells, they need to remove fat from each patient’s body first. It definitely takes the idea of having something tailor-made to the next level. So how does it work? First off, a plastic surgeon removes two ounces of fat from the patient’s body that he then sends (with the help of medical courier, of course) to Personal Cell Sciences in New Jersey. Personal Cell Sciences then extracts stem cells from the fat and cultures them in a growth solution. From that, they’re able to create a tailored skin-care line, U Autologous, which includes an eye cream, firming serum, and moisturizer that are meant to be used once in the morning and then again at night. Monthly refills of the three skin-care products Personal Cell Sciences makes for each patient cost about $1,500 USD. Yes, every month. It’s definitely a big price to pay, but with Botox and filler also costing a pretty penny, it is at least another non-invasive option to add to the menu of wrinkle prevention. Personal Cell Sciences is very new on the market, so there’s not a lot to go by in terms of customer reviews. Nevertheless, we’ll definitely be keeping our eye on this trend to see how it stands up over time.

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Photo Courtesy of: Personal Cell Sciences

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