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Nail Tricks Every Woman Should Know

With winter here, chipped nails and cracked cuticles have become a sad reality for many of us. Thankfully, there are some tried and true manicure tips from Real Style which will keep your nails looking polished, spa-perfect, and healthy.

1) Olive oil is a natural nail saviour: It’s a natural beauty remedy from the local grocery store that many of us overlook. Olive oil contains many nourishing properties to help revitalize and rejuvenate the cuticles, keeping them protected from winter damage and exposure to the cold.

2) Use a great top coat: An effective, good-quality top coat can prevent an otherwise flawless manicure from quickly peeling and chipping away the next day. Try a salon-recommended brand, such as Essie or OPI.

3) Go easy: Especially with all the hard work our hands do in an average day, our fingers are constantly exposed to the outside world, and our nails deserve some tender loving care because of this. If you’re trimming your cuticles or filing longer nails, be gentle!

4) Thin layers are key: If you’re facing issues with nail colour not lasting long enough or not looking as fresh after a day, then try applying it little by little (one thin layer at a time, to avoid a thick and blotchy effect).

5) Don’t sleep on it: Many women tend to paint their nails right before going to bed, at the end of a busy day. This isn’t advisable — be sure to leave at least a half hour between applying nail colour and heading to sleep.

6) Don’t overdo it: It’s a classic manicure mistake — your favourite red polish starts chipping after a couple days, so you sneakily reach for the bottle and re-apply the same colour over the first coat in hopes that nobody notices. This leaves your nails with a lumpy and uneven effect. Be sure to take the time to remove nail polish and apply again, even if you’re keeping the same colour.

7) Eat right: Our nails, like any other body part, are sensitive to the diet that we keep. Make sure you’re eating healthy, with a variety of vitamins, iron, and calcium, in order to keep your manicure strong as well as pretty.

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