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H.I.M-istry Founder Shares His Men’s Skin Care Tips

While there are thousands of skin care lines aimed at making women look younger, tighter and fresher, there are very few brands aimed at making skin care products aimed specifically at men taking into account their different skin care types. Young entrepreneur Darnell Henderson saw that the needs of men’s skin wasn’t being taken into account and start his own company, H.I.M-istry to fill the void. Now H.I.M-istry has a full line of men’s products from moisturizer to shaving cream to face wash designed with men in mind. We caught up with Darnell to ask him 10 quick questions on H.I.M-istry and men’s skin care.

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Real Style: Where did the idea for H.I.M-istry come from?

Darnell Henderson: H.I.M-istry was birthed in our men’s grooming spa in FT Lauderdale Beach.

RS: What were you doing before you started the company?

DH: I’m ex-military, after that I worked in the corporate world as a loan officer for JP Morgan.

RS: Did you have experience within the skin care/beauty world?

DH: Yes, I am a registered Skincare Specialist. I attended Florida College of Natural Health.

RS: How are men’s skin care needs different than women’s?

DH: Men’s skin is generally 15-20% thicker than women.

RS: How are the H.I.M-istry products different than product made for a woman or unisex products?

DH: We focus on the core difference in men vs women skin, as discussed above.

RS: What are the top three issues men need to focus on with their skin care?

DH: Shaving irritation, Sun Damaged skin, Acne.

RS: Do you feel that most men take proper care of their skin & where should they improve?

DH: I think most men are starting to take better care of their skin. I would have to say moisturizing.

RS: What are the 5 must have products for a man to properly take care of his skin?

DH: I think 5 could be overwhelming to most men. I would have to say 3 ( Himistry Black Tea Cleanser, Himistry Green Tea Shave Cream, Himistry Vitamin C Moisturizer )

RS: Moving into spring, what are some thing men should do to change their skin care routine to care for their skin?

DH: Use more SPF for sure.

RS: What types of things should men look for in their skin care products that will work with their skin needs?

DH: Products that are skin typed focused.

H.I.M-istry products are now available in Canada at

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