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Pascale Hutton’s 5 Favourite Beauty Products

Pascale Hutton, star of CBC’s Arctic Air, will be the first to tell you that there’s a big difference between summer and winter skin care and beauty products. Although Pascale is based in Vancouver, the British Columbia native has been traveling to Yellowknife on and off for over a year to shoot Arctic Air on location in the Northwest Territories. We spoke to Pascale exclusively at the CBC headquarters in Toronto about what it’s like playing Krista opposite Adam Beach on the hit Canadian show. Read our full Pascale Hutton interview here! The blonde beauty was also sweet enough to tell us what 5 beauty products she can’t live without when filming up in Yellowknife. Here are Pascale Hutton’s 5 favourite products.

1. Kiehl’s Lip Balm: “I always have the straight-up Kiehl’s lip balm. I use that year-round, and it’s awesome. I use it up in Yellowknife too, and it’s fantastic.”

2. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment: “I use Sugar, which is another lip balm. Everybody has it in their purse! That’s another one of my favourites for when you don’t want any shine.”

3. Valmont 24 Hour Cream & 4 .Vivier Serum:  I really like Valmont’s 24 hour cream and the Vivier serums. The combination of those two really saved my skin. I use a pretty heavy cream on my face when I’m up there, because [the weather]’s extreme on your face. I use a much thicker cream for my face, and then also – and it’s so hard because at the end of the day all you want is scalding water on your body – but that’s counter-productive because it will end up frying your skin. I try to stick with lukewarm on your face.

5. Element: The other product I can’t live without is called Element, and it’s an almost gel-like exfoliant that you put on after the shower. It’s very gentle, because with exfoliant, you think you should only use once a week, but it’s very gentle, and you just wash it off and it gives your skin that glow.

BONUS: Obviously up north, I use waterproof mascara because the change in temperatures is freezing then melting.

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