New Workout Gadgets To Help You Lose Weight

This year make that New Year’s resolution stick by committing to losing weight like you say every year. Get some of these new weight loss and fitness gadgets to help your goal seem more achievable.

Fitbit Aria ($129) – The bathroom scale takes on a whole new meaning with this scale that registers your body fat and BMI and sends it to your computer so you can track your weight loss, diet and more.

Nike+ Fuelband ($149) – This is the latest in the Nike+ workout line and a must have to get the most out of your workout gadgets. You can decide how active you want to be and set it in the NikeFuel app, then set your Fuelband and put it on and go. It tracks your movements and calories burned.

BodyMedia Core Armband ($149) – Track every move you make to learn how many calories you burn. This arm band measures things like your body heat and skin temperature to calculate how much you are burning so you can maximize your diet and exercise.

Valencell V-LINC Earbuds – Switch your boring old headphones for these ones that also measure your heart rate, speed, respiration rate and more. You can then view the data on your smartphone to track your workouts.

LarkLife ($149) – This smart wristband system includes a day and night band that tracks your sleep and activity. The app allows you to log your diet and get expert tips based on your lifestyle. It even includes an alarm clock in the app.

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