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Kim Kardashian Wows Fans In Calgary, Canada


Reality star Kim Kardashian wowed a crowd of club-goers and media in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The pregnant star hosted the Cowboys 17th Annual Iced Party on Friday night and in true Kardashian style, attended the event in a bombshell outfit; a tight, pencil skirt and sheer blouse. When it came to makeup, Kim opted for a natural look with a soft, grey/brown eye shadow palette, peach blush and nude lipstick with soft gloss. Her eyes were also accented with fake lashes creating a long, almost spiky lash look. Kim kept her hair simple with her long, dark locks pulled off her face in a half updo.

According to the Calgary Sun, Rob Cyrynowski with Livestar Entertainment said it took about six months to get Kardashian to agree to come to Calgary. “Her schedule is so demanding and we are fortunate enough that the time is right and it seems to be the only window,” he said. “We lucked out. “We felt that she’s the biggest celebrity in the world and we wanted to bring her to Cowboys and to Calgary to show her our hospitality.”

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