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Buzz Starts For L’Oreal Cell Renew

L’Oreal is expected to start a skin care craze this year as UK shoppers get on a waiting list for the new L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Cell Renew collection. The skin care line uses stem cell technology to repair your skin in a beauty first!

The new L’Oreal Age Perfect line includes a three step process of a day cream, night cream and golden serum. The Cell Renew line claims to help protect your skin and improve its appearance by renewing your own skin cells, so you will look like a fresher you.

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It’s said that this line is 20 years in the making. Despite the advanced technology and long time to market, L’Oreal has still managed to keep the price affordable. In the UK, all of the products cost less than 25 pounds. We cannot wait to see it when it gets to North America.

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