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Are DD Creams The Next Big Thing?

You probably already know and love your BB Cream. We told you about the new CC Creams that are being launched by Olay and Chanel. Now prepared your skin for the next step… DD Creams!

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DD cream stands for daily defense are launching in the UK. Unlike its predecessors which are mainly for the face, DD creams are for tougher areas of the skin such as the feet and body. The UK is seeing the first launches of DD creams for your driest, roughest skin. Using aloes and vitamins, DD creams are promising to soften the toughest skin, moisturize, reduce blemishes, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and more. It’s being promoted for use on cracked heels, rough areas such as hands, knees and elbows or any scars and stretch marks from childbirth.

Make room on your shelves ladies!

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