Get Whiter Teeth For The Holidays

This is the time of year when you will be asked to smile for the camera most for family photos and your holiday card and you don’t want to be flashing a yellow smile. Find out tricks to get a whiter smile and things to avoid before your photo shoot.

Wear a cool red lipstick – The right shade of red will help to eliminate unwanted tones on your teeth, so even if they aren’t white, they will look it.

Avoid green tea – While there are some things we know stain our teeth like red wine, coffee and berries, but there are also hidden culprits harming your smile. Cheap green tea is actually one of the worst things that will make your teeth yellow. If you love green tea, find a high end tea to keep your teeth whiter.

Use cups with lids or straws – If you must drink your morning coffee or tea, use a cup with a small hole in the lid instead of an open top. Drinking through these small holes actually helps to keep some of the staining liquid away from your white teeth.

Avoid citrus – I’m sure you have heard that the acid in citrus fruit and drinks hurts your enamel, but that also means yellowing your teeth too. You cannot repair the damage done by citrus fruits, so eat cautiously.

Eat Crunchy Raw Fruits and Vegetables – Dark sauces and colourful candy leave stains on your teeth, but eating healthy raw vegetables can counteract the effects. Celery, carrots and apples will remove surface stains while you eat.

Chew gum – The act of chewing gum doesn’t actually whiten your teeth, but it does increase the saliva in your mouth. Saliva is a natural teeth whitener, so by chewing and increasing the saliva you are doing your teeth a favour.

Invest in a whitener – A personalized teeth whitener can be pricey, but if you are serious about getting whiter teeth it is the way to go. A Tanda teeth whitener goes for about $200 and promises to give you whiter teeth in 5 days.

Freshen up between brushing – There are lots of products that you can buy to wipe away teeth stains between brushing. A Go Smile Touch Up is a little on the go sponge to erase stains. A Go Smile On The Go Whitening Pen uses a serum to erase stains fast.

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