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Christina Aguilera’s Hair Stylist Talks About The Voice

This season on The Voice, Christina Aguilera has surprised us every week with a brand new transformation with her hair. Christina and her hairstylist David Babaii gave her a completely new look each episode. Real Style spoke with David before tonight’s The Voice finale about how they came up with Christina Aguilera’s hair style on the show.

Every week on The Voice you have created a different hair style for Christina Aguilera. How do you decide what the style will be?
First, Christina and I have lots of conversations ahead of time to plan out her looks. I listen to what she has in mind plus I share my thoughts. Together we come up with looks that best suit wardrobe, make up, and if she will be performing.

Do you match her hair to her clothes and makeup or does her hair come first?
It’s really a combination of both our ideas. She really listens to my thoughts and allows me to have fun creating fantasy to hip-hop chic.

Does Christina give her input on the styles?
Yes, she loves giving input. Christina is a very creative artist but also allows me to think out of the box.

Many people probably thought that most of the looks are wigs. How much of what we are seeing is Christina’s real hair?
I have used some wigs or pieces but still incorporate Christina’s hair into the look. Her hair is long so most of the looks with long hair I have styled her hair.

What was the most complicated hair style you have done on Christina on The Voice this season?
Nothing was complicated but the pink ultra-curly fantasy look with the crown took the most time.

What was Christina’s favorite look?
She loves change and has loved each look I have created for her. She is really beautiful so she would look great if I placed a brown paper bag on her head.

When you are changing your hair so dramatically each night, how should you protect your hair from the styling and products?
It is vital to use great products like the ones I use on her. The IT&LY HAIRFASHION Purity Design Line is not only eco-friendly and cruelty free that is so important to me but they deliver healthy, shiny hair every time. The

ingredients come from a “Desert Blend” comprised of proteins developed from desert plants such as Agave, Joshua Tree and Cholla Cactus to protect hair from harmful UV rays. They also hydrate and condition the hair with ever use.

We love the pink and black tipped bangs you have done. How can we get that look at home?
I would suggest starting with a temporary color to make sure you like the look first. The hair must be pre-lightened to accept the color. This is the tricky part as many of the over-the-counter lighteners are very harsh and damaging to the hair so be very careful. Take small sections and place a strip of tape to act as your guide then apply color with a small brush or even an old tooth brush to the tips. I was lucky enough to have the color experts at IT&LY HAIRFASHION custom blend colors for me that are not damaging.

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