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Blake Lively’s Favourite Christmas Gifts

Gossip Girl may have aired its finale last night, but Blake Lively’s star is only rising. The former Serena van der Woodsen is about to embark on the next face of her career, and part of that includes her role as the face of Gucci’s fragrance. Just in time for the holidays, Gucci and Blake released a video of the starlet talking about her favourite ideas for Christmas gifts. Here’s everything Blake wants to give and receive for Christmas and more!

Blake Lively on what makes for the best Christmas gifts:
“The most important gift is something that lasts… Things that last are always the most powerful things… like photo albums or something that you make.”

Blake Lively on why she loves fragrances as Christmas presents:
“A fragrance is something my father would always give my mother. All of us in the family would buy each other fragrances because it tells a story of a time period in your life. It’s an identifier. It’s also a selfish gift because it’s so comforting when you’re near someone you love and you recognize their smell.

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Blake Lively on the best Christmas present she ever received:
“My sister videotaped her kids going to school.”

Blake Lively on what she would love to give her family:
“I would give them a vacation.”

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Check out the full video below:

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