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Lady Gaga Gets Dreadlocks

Some people celebrate Thanksgiving the old-fashioned way: with pumpkin pie, turkey and maybe a little football in the afternoon. Lady Gaga celebrated Thanksgiving 2012 by getting dreadlocks… blonde dreads to be specific. It wasn’t that long about that Gaga debuted her new “Louis Vuitton brown” hair, pioneering the trend of blonde starlets dying their hair brown, which we told you about in our post: Brown Hair Trend: Hollywood’s Biggest Stars Are Going Brunette. Gaga’s more conservative look didn’t last too long, however. Soon after dying her hair brown, the pop starlet shaved the back of her head. We gave you all the details in our post: Lady Gaga Shaves The Back Of Her Head.

It seems that Gaga, a queen of transformation for the next generation, has decided to tackle yet another edgly hairstyle. The controversial singer showed off her newly dyed blonde tresses yesterday, and to top off her look, Gaga got dreads. For added edge, Gaga shaved the sides of her head as well.

Dreads are definitely a bold statement, but Lady Gaga has the self-confidence to pull them off. The problem with dreads though is that, if Gaga is looking for yet another change in the near future, she’ll have to cut them off. Here’s to hoping she pulls a Rihanna and goes for the pixie cut when she’s over her dreadlocks!

Photo Courtesy of: Twitter

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