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Tips To Avoid Getting Sick

Flu season is upon us! Here are some simple tips to follow to avoid getting sick.

Be Careful With Your Hands
This sounds like rather simple advice, but it actually involves a lot more than just washing your hands constantly. Think about all the things you touch in the day: the revolving door to your office building, the staircase bannister, your change from the coffee shop cashier. We come across way more germs than we even have time to think about. Besides just washing your hands thoroughly throughout the day, make sure to avoid touching your face in between hand washes. You can catch a cold simply from covering up a yawn with a dirty hand. We suggest keeping a travel-size hand sanitizer in your purse, since you can’t exactly go all Howard Hughes reclusive to avoid getting sick. Also, try not to touch things you don’t need to touch. Do you really need to rest your hand on the escalator? Not really.

Avoid The Office Chip Bowl
Sure, it’s great when someone brings a big bag of chips or veggies and dip to the office for afternoon snack break, but communal food is an easy way to catch a virus. A lot of people are closet double-dippers, and just the thought of sick fingers lingering in a big bag of potato chips is enough to make us go out and buy our own individual bag. Sure, it takes a little bit of fun out of snack time, but is it really worth spending a week alone in bed for?

Cut Down On Drinking
It might be fun to get a little wild on the weekend, but the truth is, drinking heavily weakens your immune system. You’re less likely to be able to fight off a virus if your body is busy recovering from a night on the town. If you feel like there’s a flu bug in the air or if people around you are starting to get sick, take a few days off drinking and make sure your body in its best fighting shape.

Drink Lots Of Water
When your body is busy fighting off flu bugs, your immune system goes into overdrive. Make sure it has got all the liquid it needs to keep batting off those pesky germs. If drinking tons of water gets a little boring, add cucumber or lemon slices to it or make a pot of herbal tea. Anything without caffeine in it will still do wonders to hydrate your body.

No matter how busy you are, the best thing you can do for yourself when flu season comes around is hit the hay early. The better rested you are, the less weak your immune system will be when it comes to fighting off germs. Why wait to be sick to spend a day in bed? We tend to get the least amount of sleep during the work week when we try to fit in late nights with early mornings. As unheard of as it may seem to try to fit 8 hours of sleep in on a random Wednesday night, it might be the best thing you can do for yourself in terms of warding off illness.

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Take Vitamins
Although it’s definitely best if you can manage to get all of your vitamins in your diet, we can’t always eat perfectly balanced meals, especially during the work week. Stock up on oranges that you keep at your desk, but also hit the drugstore for a multivitamin and some Vitamin C.

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