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How To Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

When it comes to having whiter teeth, half the battle is in how you care for your teeth, and the other half comes from knowing how to fake it. Here’s how to make your teeth look whiter.

Remember: Brushing Right Away Isn’t Always Good
Even if you’re in a rush, you’re better off taking your toothbrush with you, if you just downed a glass of orange juice or something equally as acidic. If you brush right after ingesting something acidic, you can actually brush the acidity deeper into your teeth and erode your enamel in the process. Wait at least 30 minutes after indulging in something acidic before brushing.

Be A Smart Snacker
If you opt for raw veggies as your snack of choice, the hard texture of things like carrots and peppers actually helps scrape plaque off your teeth while you chew, helping to prevent build up and eventual staining. Not only will you be doing your teeth a favour by eating something healthy, you’ll also be helping to keep them clean. Two birds, one carrot stick!

Use A Straw
The rule with beverages is that if it can stain your clothes, it can stain your teeth. Use a straw when drinking Diet Coke, and if you’re desperate enough for pearly whites, you may as well use the straw with your coffee and red wine too. Keep a glass of water on hand to keep your mouth rinsed and clean while indulging in your favourite guilty pleasures.

Wear Bronzer
Dust your face with a little bronzer for a sun-kissed skin look. The more tanned your skin looks, the more white your teeth appear. Just don’t get tempted to expose yourself to UV rays for the sake of whiter looking teeth.

Glam It Up With Red Lips
If you want your teeth to pop, reach for the red lipstick as opposed to the nude or baby pink. Just like with bronzer, your teeth appear more white when they get to stand out against a dramatic colour.

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