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How To Highlight Your Lips From Susan Posnick Celeb Makeup Artist

We turned to makeup artist and expert Susan Posnick to find out what the secret is for highlighting your lips this fall. From finding the perfect shade of red to making your lipstick last longer to getting a fuller pout, Susan shared all of her expert knowledge, so that you will be kissably cool this season:

How can women choose the right shade of red lipstick for their skin tone?

When it comes to choosing lipsticks- and especially reds, it’s your skin tone that determines the best colour of red.
• If your undertone is yellow or golden, stay with reds that are warm toned with a yellow base. Think true red colour.
• If your undertone is pink- which also often means fair skin , stay with reds that have a blue base to them- think cherry red.
• For darker skin tones, think brown- reds, like scarlet or garnet.

How do you get your lipstick to stay on longer?

• Apply powder to your lips before applying your lipstick.
• After applying one coat of colour , blot with a tissue and then apply a second.
• Use a lip liner pencil on the whole lip first, then apply your lipstick over top.

How can I make my lips appear larger?

• Lighten the centre of your lips with your highlighter before applying your lip colour.
• Use a lighter colour lipstick through the centre of the mouth.
• Do not line your lips in the centre 1/3 of the bottom lip, it will make the bottom lip look fuller.
• Use lip gloss over your lipstick in the centre of your mouth rather than on the entire lip.

[Photo via Susan Posnick]

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