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Halloween Party Beauty Products

With Halloween less than a week away and Halloween-themed parties set to rule the weekend, you’ll want to ensure that you look boo-tiful and stand out from the usual crowd of ladies with green faces, plastic fangs, and dreadful wigs. Just because you’re not getting decked out in a costume doesn’t mean you can’t get into the Halloween spirit. Here are 5 beauty products to add a little black magic to your Halloween party look.

Sally Hansen Halloween Salon Effects
Treat yourself to a glamourous and yet inexpensive spooky manicure with Sally Hansen Halloween Salon Effects. There are a variety of Halloween styles available, so you can pick a set which goes best with your costume this year. The 31st offers beauty addicts everywhere the perfect opportunity to switch their basic, muted French tips for daring and wild skulls and bones and spooky bats.

Glitter Spider Web Lashes by Claire’s
Take a break from your usual everyday mascara and reach new heights with these dramatic, shimmery spider webs. Available online and at Claire’s stores, these false lashes promise to add quite the “wow” factor to your scary beauty look.

OPI Black Onyx Nail Polish
It happens to be that time of year once again, with sales of black polish rising faster than you can say “boo!” OPI, well regarded for its spa-quality product ranges which are used in nail salons across the globe, produces this great nail colour if using artificial nail isn’t your favourite idea. The colour is smooth, dark and has a high intensity to boot.

Manic Panic Raven Black Lipstick
While its name might be synonymous with the vivid quick and easy hair dye popular with high school students, Manic Panic also produces a range of lipsticks. Their Raven shade, with its even and glossy finish, offers just the right amount of shine.

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner
With October allowing us to experiment with beauty looks we wouldn’t normally have a chance (or the courage!) to try, Urban Decay’s glitter liner range (available at Sephora) promises to have you stand out on the big night. Try a vibrant blue, purple, or green for a rockstar finish.

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