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Christina Sicoli’s 5 Favourite Beauty Products

As one of the stars of the hit web series InSAYSHAble, Christina Sicoli is proof that a woman can be both beautiful and hilarious. This November, she joins Emily Hampshire and Joseph Lawrence (aka Joey Lawrence, for all of us from the Blossom era!) in the TV movie Hitched for the Holidays, about a guy and a girl who agree to fake being each other’s love interest over Christmas to keep their nosy families from asking too many questions. Disaster, as you can imagine, ensues.

When Christina’s not busy on set, she likes to take a little time out of her schedule to pamper herself. The funny girl told Real Style all about her 5 favourite beauty products.

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1. Kevin Murphy – Young.Again Immortelle infused treatment oil
“I have always been obsessed with hair. Mine is naturally curly and unruly so it definitely has a mind of its own, rain or shine. This oil is perfect! It leaves my hair feeling light, moisturized and shiny. I always look for sulphate/parabeen free products and feel like I’ve dated every product out there just to find the “perfect one.” When I discovered this treatment from my colourist at Bang Town Salon (Vancouver) I fell in love. I’ll apply a small amount to towel dried hair before styling, and afterwards run my hands through to smooth it out. It doesn’t weigh my hair down and helps when the ends are feeling like damaged goods. I swear it saves my hair. Kevin, if you can hear me, you are my match made in hair heaven.”

2. Korres – Lip Butter Glaze, Laurel – sheer peachy pink
“I am known for my kissable lips… and my sarcastic humour. When I’m on set, at an event or just feeling the blahs, I’ll add some lip colour but I usually stay true to au naturel. Korres is perfect for this and I love that it’s free of harsh chemicals. It gives you a hint of sheer without that over glossed look. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve just pressed honey on your lips. I discovered lip butter at Sephora — there may even be a picture of me on the wall under “Sampler Of The Month.” I always keep a few lip glosses on me and this one is definitely a staple. I swear it’s my my excuse for having moisturized lips, so I won’t complain. And neither should you, if you gimme a kiss.”

3. Jose Maran – Argan Blend Concealer, suede medium
“When it comes to make-up, especially around the eyes I’m pretty sensitive to anything that will leave my eyes feeling irritated or caky. I’m not a heavy makeup gal — foundations I leave for set and auditions but for daily use I opt for a tinted moisturizer, a bit of powder and concealer (to cover my dark circles). Oh come on! We all have em! As my grandmother would always say, “A little dab will do ya.” I discovered Jose Moran when testing out products at Sephora (Bonus points). This product is eco-friendly, non toxic, fragrance and cruelty free plus it glides on smooth with the help of the argan oil in it. I promise you’ll never feel like your wearing pancake batter under your eyes again! The dual shades work their magic to colour correct and highlight: the perfect camouflage. I usually set it with a bit of loose powder and Boom! My eyes love me for it.”

4. Benefit – The POREfessional
“If you’re anything like me you’ve had that moment in the magnifying mirror where you’ve finished plucking the last of your brows and begin to examine those tiny little pores on your forehead that you wish you hadn’t. You steam, you put toothpaste on your face, you squeeze and then realize you made matters worse. Move over Scar Face, hello Pore Face. A friend of mine introduced me to Benefit a few years back and I’ve been hooked. It’s by far the best pore product out there and it quickly minimizes the appearance of them. The balm feels so silky and smooth you’d think you were sporting a baby’s bottom. I especially like to use it as a primer because it leaves a nice matte finish without leaving my skin feeling greasy or oily. It really is POREiffic!”

5. Kiehl’s – Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter
“I am a moisturizing monster. My pet peeve is buying heavy creams that take forever to absorb . Nor am I a fan of smelling like a synthetic rose bush, feeling like a piece of leather or looking like a reptile. You might say I’m a bit of a cream snob. This is my favourite cream at the moment! It’s so good you’ll literally want to eat it because it looks and feels like a souffle. Not that I know what a souffle feels like. But one can only imagine. I have been tempted to taste it but I have refrained. A friend of mine bought this and the smell enticed me so much that I had to try it. Before you know it I was hooked like a fish on a worm. It’s super light weight and deeply hydrating especially for the feet. WARNING: People will be sniffing you for days. If you are looking for something that is highly moisturizing and lightly scented this is it. Just don’t bring it to a dinner party for dessert. And if you do, please invite me.”

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