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Best Halloween Manicure Tutorials

Halloween is a rare opportunity for us to break out of style comfort zones, and experiment with seasonal trends which would otherwise have little place in our wardrobes. It’s also a chance to go to extremes in terms of accessorizing and beauty — you can finally wear shimmering violet eyeshadow, an oversized feather boa, or a wig in an eccentric colour and attract compliments as opposed to stares. What’s not to love about an occasion which lets all of us let loose, connect with crazy alter egos, and wear daring ensembles as a form of expression? Halloween manicures are one way to embrace the spirit of the season. Put away the rose pink and peach toned polish for one weekend, and allow your imagination to run wild. Whether you want nails decorated with zombies, mini Frankensteins, or vampires, there is a beauty tutorial for you. Take a look at some of our favourite Halloween nail tutorials below, get your nail polish ready and enjoy!

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1) Halloween Series: Black Cat and Witch Inspired Nail Art by TotallyCoolNails

2) Halloween Series: Stitched Up Zombie Nails by TotallyCoolNails

3) Halloween Nail Tutorial Lil’ Frankies by goldiestarling

Photo Courtesy of: YouTube

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