The Most Coveted Celeb Hairstyles

We all want to look like a star with their perfectly in place hairstyles. Find out which stars have the most coveted hairstyles now before your next trip to the salon:

Michelle Williams

We were all shocked when Michelle Williams cut off her cut blonde hair in favour of a short pixie, but now we can’t get enough. The short style is adorable on her small frame. Michelle has mastered the art of making this pixie hair style tre chic on the red carpet for any event. It never seems to look boring or old on her. We wish we could look this great with short hair.

Kim Kardashian

There is no denying that Kim Kardashian has gorgeous long hair that every girl who has ever tried to grow their hair out dreams of. Her voluminous layers work perfectly with her natural waves and just as good in a tight ponytail. She rarely has a hair out of place. With her new honey highlights expect many girls to be running to the salon looking for the same rich tones for fall.

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Zooey Deschanel

Bangs were a big trend this summer and no one does them better than Zooey. Her long bangs help give her that adorable young vibe. We like them best when she wears her bangs straight, but lets the rest of her shiny hair curly.

Jennifer Aniston

Since we first laid eyes on her Rachel hair style, we have been in love with Jenn’s hair. Even now that her hair is a bit longer, we love her caramel highlighted layers that make us dream of being the sunny California girl next door.


From dark brown to caramel to blonde highlights, Beyonce’s long curls have looked perfect in every shade. We aren’t sure what the secret is to Beyonce’s big voluminous hair, but we wish we had it! She has gone from afro to pin straight with layers and even bangs while looking great no matter the look.  There is no secret to Beyonce’s hair, she was born lucky.

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