Rihanna, Fergie & Kourtney Kardashian Show Off Unusual Manicures

When it comes to nail polish styles and fashions, there is always something new and hot for everyone to try. Over the past few days however, we’ve spotted some unusual celebrity manicures that we just had to share.

Rihanna posted a twitter picture today of a striking, ruby red nail look that seems to be polarizing fans. Some fans and nail aficionados love it, but some just think the nails themselves are too long and a little witchy looking.

Kourtney Kardashian is also sharing her nail fashion and many think it’s just plain weird. While blood splattered nails were indeed popular at New York Fashion Week, the blood red tips that Kourtney is showing off are a little too creepy for even us to get behind and support.

Fergie also decided to show off her latest attempt at fashionable nail art and we must say, it is indeed striking. Not for the faint of heart, Fergie’s Wet n Wild Cosmetics nail look is certainly the most elaborate of the nail art trio (and our favourite).

Want to try a less dramatic style? Check out the how-to guide for marble nails we posted earlier this week.

Photos courtesy of Twitter.

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