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Lady Gaga Shaves The Back Of Her Head

Lady Gaga shared a picture of her newly shaved head (well, the back of it, at least). Although the singer kept the front of her hair long and tied it up in a bun, she shaved the back of her head as a tribute to her friend, photographer Terry Richardson, whose mother just passed away from cancer. Along with the photo, Gaga tweeted: “I did it for u Terry. I’m sorry about ure mommy. She has princess die, but were all princess high.”

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Gaga’s “princess die” remark is a reference to her most recent song, Princess D.I.E., which she wrote as a tribute to the late Princess Diana.

Lady Gaga didn’t shave her entire head, however. She also tweeted a photo of her face, showing off a bun piled up at the top of her head with the caption: “But we still have glamour in the front.” Gaga is clearly still rocking the “Louis Vuitton brown” colour she dyed her hair recently. What’s next? Will she chop her hair off like Rihanna? Check out the photo of Gaga’s long hair in the front below!

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Photo Courtesy of: Twitter

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