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Job Interview Hair & Makeup Tips

First impressions are very important especially when you are going for a job interview. It is very easy to go overboard in the beauty department in an effort to look your best for your potential future employers, but that may just leave a negative impression. While you want to look pretty and put together, you want to avoid going into glamorous nighttime territory. However, looking professional also does not mean that you have to look boring either. Follow these few tips in order to achieve that perfect balance of style and sophistication for all of your future interviews!

1. Keep your hair neat, tidy, and out of your face! If you choose to wear it down, a fresh blowout is perfect because it is simple but still looks polished. If you have very long hair, a pulled back ponytail might be appropriate so that you’re hair is not falling in front of your face and you do not feel tempted to fidget with it.

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2. With your foundation you want it to look natural but also cover up any blemishes and dark spots. Under-eye concealor is extremely important because you want to look awake and alert for the interviewer. You can finish with loose powder just make sure to dust it on very lightly! Avoid shimmery bronzers so that you do not look like you spent the day before at the beach rather than preparing for the interview.

3. Stay away from shimmer! While eye shadow is appropriate for an interview stick to neutral shades like brown, taupe, and beige. Anything too bright or too sparkly can quickly become gimmicky and tacky. Apply a creamy vanilla shade like Nars Matte Eyeshadow in Biarritz on the lid and their Blondie shade in the crease for a subtle yet defined look.

4. Avoid shiny lip gloss and bright lip stick as they can be very distracting. Stick to muted lipstick shades or even just a lip balm for the interview so that the interviewer is focusing on what you are saying, not on what colour your lips are. We love M.A.C. Lipstick in Speed Dial for a subtle pink shade that will not be overpowering.

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5. Blush is a great way to add warmth and brightness to your complexion, but selecting the right shade is important. While you want it to add some colour to your cheeks, you do not want to be overly rosy. Try out Bobbi Brown Blush in Nude Pink for a pale pop of colour.

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