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How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

We’ve been making our summer skin glow this year with translucent powders, bronzers and bright shades of eyeshadow. While our makeup brushes are up for the beauty challenge, we also want to make sure we keep them clean. Good brushes are an investment, but they definitely need a little help on our end when it comes to maximizing their magic. Over time, brushes collect bacteria, oil and dead skin cells. Since we don’t want to break out, we try to wash our brushes whenever they appear over-used. Don’t worry, you won’t damage them with a good cleaning. Here’s how to clean your brushes in four easy steps.

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1) Wet the hairs of the brush under the faucet with warm water. Make sure the brush is facing downwards. This will prevent water from getting into the metal part of the handle.

2) Use a baby shampoo & bodywash or a foaming facewash to wash the hairs of the brush. Massage the cleansing product into the brush gently. Rinse until the water runs clean.

3) Gently pat dry the brush with a paper towel.

4) Leave the brush lying on a towel to air-dry. Don’t leave it standing up, just in case excess water gets caught in the metal part of the brush. Don’t use the brush again until it is 100% dry.

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Photo Courtesy of: Estee Lauder

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