Laura Mennell’s 5 Favourite Beauty Products

Alphas star Laura Mennell tells us the five products she always carries in her beauty bag. Sci-fi television has introduced us to some of the most beautiful faces of our time — think Jeri Ryan from Star Trek, Tricia Helfer from Battlestar Gallactica and Jessica Alba from Dark Angel. The latest beauty to captivate sci-fi TV audience’s is Canada’s own Laura Mennell. The BC-native stars on the Syfy network’s Alphas, a crime-fighters-with-super-powers series reminiscent of the incredibly popular and sorely missed Heroes. Mennell, who’s currently shooting the second season which premieres on July 23, is used to putting in long days on set while also prepping to tour with the stage production of Tear the Curtain! this fall. How does she manage to stay looking otherworldly while keeping up with her hectic schedule? Laura shared with Real Style Network the five products she always has in her beauty bag.

1. Weleda -Almond Soothing Facial Lotion

“I was hunting for natural face cremes, without fragrances and harsh chemicals, and fell in love with Weleda.  Their Almond Soothing Creme is simple, pure, and makes my skin feel hydrated –which is especially needed after any long flight.  I’m so enamoured with it, I recommend it to all my friends, family, everyone!”

2. Korres -Lip Butter Glaze, Jasmine

“When I’m on the go, I always need lip gloss.  I find this glaze is really rich and keeps my lips soft and it’s has a subtle pretty tone to it.  I actually started wearing it this season as Nina on ALPHAS and loved it so much I’ve incorporated it into my everyday life.  I wear it alone, but it also blends well with other lipsticks to add a little extra colour.”

3. Koh Gen Do -Moisture Concealer

“I don’t usually get excited about concealers and foundations… They might look good on camera, but, in real life, accentuate pores and other little imperfections–I’d rather go without.  But, when my makeup artist on Alphas, Linda Preston, introduced me to this concealer, I was really excited about it!  It has a flawless finish, a lovely moisture to it, and never gets cakey.  And after a long day of travelling, it’s perfect to brighten up tired eyes, making you look fresh and awake.  Plus, it’s natural and animal-cruelty free, which is important to me when searching for any new beauty product.”

4. Philip B -Rejuvenating Oil

“I pick up a lot of beauty secrets on set, and Jenny Arbour (my Emmy Award winning hair stylist) got me into this aromatherapeutic oil treatment–it has amazing results.  I bring it everywhere because it softens my hair and ends beautifully.  When it’s feeling dry, I put some on before bed or during a workout, then after a shower it softens my hair leaving it shiny. It also soothes your scalp if you get a little flaky and is paraben free.”

5. Chantecaille -Cheek Creme “Coy”

“Since I’m naturally a fair-skinned girl, I love adding a little colour to my cheeks, and this creme is really beautiful.  It gives perfect rosy cheeks without over doing it, and has a wonderfully creamy texture. The cream’s packaged in a little mirrored compact that’s perfect to sneak into any makeup bag.  It’s a lovely luminous product that’s hard not to love.”

[Photo via Syfy]

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