Copy Olivia Munn’s Makeup From The Newsroom

Bronzed beauty Olivia Munn has already scored a sexy hit movie (Magic Mike) and a serious hit tv show (The Newsroom) this year and she is following it up with a cute indie comedy (The Babymakers) to prove her versatility.  It’s no wonder the world is falling in love with Olivia Munn. We are no exception, and love her as the world’s sexiest economist Sloan Sabbith on The Newsroom. Get this office chic makeup from Olivia now.

Olivia Munn has a great freckled olive skin tone that she highlights perfect for the camera. Use a tinted powder foundation to highlight your skin without weighing it down with heavy creams. Follow that with a rich blush to highlight your cheeks. Skip the rosy pink hues and go for something richer to keep it mature.

Match your lipstick to your dark blush with a Bobbi Brown’s Lip Color in a plum hue. This shade will last through the fall when these darker shades will come in trend in a big way.

Finish your Olivia Munn makeup with a focus on the eyes. Tarte Cosmetics’ Amazonian Clay Brow Mousse will help to define your brows for the perfect Newsroom arch. These use a simple smudged black liner and extreme lengths mascara as the finishing touch.

Shop the Look
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  • Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Desert Plum, $24, Nordstrom
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[Photo via HBO]

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