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Spray Tanning May Also Cause Cancer

After months of subzero temperatures and pasty complexions, who doesn’t love a bronze tan for the summer? While we would love to throw on our bikinis and soak up those UV rays, we are constantly reminded of the damaging effects that it can have on our health. If you have frequently resorted to spray tanning as a safe alternative, you might want to reconsider as there is now reason to believe that your “safe” option can be harmful too.

New research conducted by the University of Pennsylvania suggests that some ingredients found in the spray tan formula are actually toxic when inhaled and can cause serious health problems.  Lung specialist Dr. Rey Panettieri is concerned about the chemical called DHA, which is the magical ingredient that gives our skin that sun kissed glow. He claims that the chemical’s reaction on the surface of our skin is harmless, but problems can arise when it is inhaled. He says that when the substance enters your lungs it can actually be absorbed into the bloodstream and encourage cancers and other malignancies to form.

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While the occasional spray tan is not of concern, spray tanning regulars and employees could be at a serious risk for the potential side effects.  He warns that if you are going to get that spray tan, you should invest in some protective measures that will prevent inhalation. However, it seems as though we should start embracing a fare complexion as the list of possibilities to achieve that perfect tan continues to diminish.

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