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Shiseido’s Anti-Aging Cream Includes Breakthrough Ingredients


Shiseido’s Head of Global Product Development Research Ms. Nakagawa sat down with Real Style to discuss their new high-technology Bio-Performance Adavanced Super Restoring Cream, which includes a new ingredient that sets it apart from all those other anti-aging products that are taking up space on your vanity.

According to Nakagawa, Shiseido has put 8 years of stem cell research into their newest restoring cream, and the dermal stem cell technology allows the product to really get to the base of the skin and target distortion; lifting and firming the skin in order to see the full ant-aging benefits.

Nakagawa said that what sets this apart from the competitors is that most creams include botanical extracts where the stem cells included are extracted from plants, but in this new cream Shiseido put in a special ingredient that allows the stem cells to function effectively. The cream is to be used as a  step in your current skin care routine, morning and night. Nakagawa told us that it will take a week to physically feel the difference in the texture of your skin, but to see full results it’s best to wait 4 weeks to a month.

Shiseido is releasing their new innovation just in time to celebrate their 140th anniversary. The product will be available in September at The Bay and all Shiseido counters. We are looking forward to testing it out for our Beauty Review section.

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