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Kate Upton Wows on GQ July Cover

Supermodel Kate Upton is all over the web today courtesy of her very sexy red, white and blue themed cover for GQ’s July issue.

The fit model is unapologetically provocative and tends to make news for her social media commentary, ample décolletage and sunny, beachy beauty.  When speaking to the magazine, the refreshingly honest Upton said “I grew up in Florida riding horses, so for the majority of my life I was either in boots and jeans or a bathing suit. I understand why my male followers like me.… It’s like any job. You find your strengths and play them up.”

According to DietsinReview, Upton’s fitness routine is grueling. For her Sports Illustrated cover shoot earlier this year she followed the ModelFIT program as designed by Gelband. It requires workouts five days a week that challenged all parts of the body. Gelband had Kate focus on various circuit training workouts that were constantly changing to keep her body surprised. A typical circuit included a mix of four to five bootcamp style exercises with a 30-second rest in between.

Although he pushed her extremely hard, Gelband told Shape Magazine in a recent interview that Kate always put a ‘whole-hearted effort’ into her workouts. “She would put in seven days a week if I let her,” he said.

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