How to Get a Fishtail Braid Like Blake Lively

Looking gorgeous as usual, Blake Lively stepped out in a fishtail braid at the screening of Savages Wednesday night in New York City. It’s not the first time we’ve seen Blake rocking a braid either. Out promoting the Green Lantern, Blake went for a messy fishtail-like braid. This time however, she opted for a put-together fishtail, slicking back the front for a glamorous look.

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Thankfully it’s not too difficult to do a fishtail braid at home. The hardest part in the whole process is getting it going, since you need to work with four pieces of hair. Lauren Conrad, who runs The Beauty Department (in addition to writing books and designing clothes), recently posted a video on how to get the look and we think it’s a great hair tutorial to follow.

[Photo courtesy Startraks]

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