Advice On How To Get Red Carpet Skin For The MMVA’S

With the MMVA’s hitting the streets of Toronto this week, we are thinking about how to look our best on the red carpet. We turned to dermatologist Dr. Julia Caroll to find out how we can get that naturally glowing skin our favourite celebs always seem to have for the cameras.

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Q: How can women get (or keep) that natural glow celebs seem to have on the red carpet?

A: The secret that celebs know is that there is no one cream or procedure that will give you the perfect glow.  You have to maintain your skin.  It’s an ongoing project. Celebrities keep their dermatologist on speed dial. We use laser treatments to achieve a flawless complexion then prescribe a routine of chemical peels for smooth, blemish free skin.  As well, celebrities work with their dermatologist to get the right combination of medical grade skin care products.  With this routine they are always red carpet ready.  One great pre-event treatment to perfect that glow is the oxygen facial.  This infuses oxygen and moisture into the skin. Skin looks fresh, flawless and definitely glows!

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