Copy Leighton Meester’s Makeup From That’s My Boy

This weekend Leighton Meester moves to the big screen in the Adam Sandler-Andy Samberg comedy, That’s My Boy. As Andy’s finacee, Leighton looks naturally beautiful. Copy Leighton’s big screen beauty with a few key products.

With the warm Summer months upon us, don’t weight down your skin with a lot of heavy makeup. Garnier’s BB Cream offers all of the protection that you need by toning and moisturizing.

Add neutral tones to your eyes with Stila’s eye shadow palette of soft beiges and greys. Start with the palest beige as a base then layer on the darker hues. Use the darkest grey as eyeliner to add more pop to your eyes. Finish with a coat of trusty black mascara.

For your lips, skip the bold lipstick in favour of a softer, more natural gloss. A shiny pink tinted gloss is perfect for any day event.

Finally for this natural look, keep your style simple, but finish with a hairspray to protect you from flyaways. Click on the image below to copy Leighton’s look from That’s My Boy.

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