Tips For Perfect Wedding Day Makeup By Melanie Tremblay

It’s wedding season, and looking good on the big day is important for every bride. Being prepared with the right products is necessary, and with that in mind we spoke with Melanie Tremblay, the principal hair & makeup stylist from Vancouver- based Mink Hair & Makeup. She answered a few questions about what heat resistant and long lasting products summer brides need.

Q. Wedding days are chaotic and emotional. Waterproof or heat resistant makeup seems like an obvious choice for brides. What do you recommend for a long-lasting look?

A. Longevity from your makeup look begins with good primers. You can use silicone-based or mattifying primers (depending on your skin type), as well as eye primers for your lids. These will help your makeup apply more smoothly, and adhere better to your skin. But, most importantly primers shield your makeup from the oil your skin produces which will help keep it in place longer. There are lots of fantastic waterproof makeup options on the market. Be sure to use waterproof eye liner, mascara and even waterproof under eye concealer. To help “seal” your finished look and help prevent makeup melt-down, apply a loose powder over top of your foundation and concealer, then finish with a makeup setting spray.

I recommend these skin primers, Skin Prep by Cover FX and Pore Refining Solutions by Clinique. As for the “sealing” powder, I highly recommend Matte FX Oil Absorbing Primer and Blotting Powder.

Q. Any must-have makeup item your recommend brides keep on hand for the big day?

A. If there is only one item you should have on hand for touch-ups it’s a lipstick. Your natural lip color can very easily appear washed-out in photos, so lipstick is key to looking bright and beautiful on film. It also happens to be the one makeup element that will fade the fastest (you’d be surprised just how MUCH kissing you do that day, especially for pictures). Another couple key items to have on hand would be blotting paper or powder, q-tips, tissues, bobby pins and a small can of hair spray. You will really only have time for quick touch-ups on our wedding day. Focus on your lips, eliminating sweat and oil from your face, and smoothing fly-aways in your hair.

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