Beauty Interview

Skin Care Shopping Tips From Dr. Julia Carroll


It’s always nice to know what we’re doing wrong with our makeup. We asked Vaseline’s Consulting Dermatologist Dr. Julia Carroll for some advice on what to look for when we shop for a moisturizer, and how to avoid some common skin care mistakes.

Q: What are some ingredients that women should look for in a moisturizer and why?

 A. An ideal moisturizer contains two ingredient types.  Humectants, like glycerin, bind and lock individual water molecules to your skin, while occlusives, like Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly, fill the void of lost lipids and provide a physical barrier to help prevent further water loss.  An ideal moisturizer combines these ingredients and provides long-lasting moisturization without feeling sticky or greasy.

 Q. What do you find is the most common skin care mistake women make?

 A. The most common mistake women make is skipping sunscreen.  If you make it a part of your routine in your teens and 20’s, you will prevent damage from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which not only age you but can also cause skin cancer. 

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