Copy Charlize Theron’s and Kristen Stewart’s Braided Hairstyles From “Snow White And The Hunstman”

We wrote yesterday about how to get jewelry like what Charlize Theron wears in the movie  ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ , but you can also share the braided hair that both Kristen and Charlize wear in the new movie. As we have shown you before, braided hair is the hottest new red carept trend.

The braided milkmaid hair that Charlize Theron wears in the dark upcoming movie is easy to create, it just takes a few key ingredients.  First you will need to part your hair down the centre. Create a simple braid on each side of your hair and apply some strong hairspray to hold the braid, like Dove’s Extra Hold Hairspray. Cross your hair over, with the left braid going over to the right side and the right braid to the left. Place the hair with bobby pins and another shot of hairspray. You’ll have Charlize Theron evil queen hair without much work at all.

While Kristen Stewart also wore a large braid in her hair in ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, her style left more loose hair than Charlize’s. To get Kristen’s hairstyle, blow dry your hair after applying a medium hold mousse like Biosilk Silk Mousse. Once you’ve dried your hair, simply take a large section of hair from the left side of your head and start braiding towards the back of your head. As you braid, select new pieces of hair from the top of your heard. This will keep the braid working around your head instead of downward. Once you’ve reached the back of your hair, attach the braid to a loose ponytail. Remove small pieces of hair from the front of your face to create the messier look Kristen wears in the movie.

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