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Interview with Rockstar Health and Fitness Creators Sera Roadnight and Lori Rischer

Rockstar Health & Fitness creators Lori Rischer and Sera Roadnight have found a fun new way to work out. On Rockstar Health and Fitness, host Lori Rischer teams up with celebrities to learn their health, diet, and fitness routines. They’ve had the chance to work out with Hedley, OneRepublic and Patrick Stump, to name a few. We had a chance to talk to both ladies about their lives and Rockstar Health and Fitness.

Real Style Network: Where did the idea for Rockstar Health & Fitness come from?

Sera Roadnight: Lori and I were hanging out cooking dinner one night, listening to music and talking about spirituality, health/fitness.  It triggered the initial show concept in my head and we started bouncing ideas back and forth and came up with the different segments. I went home and put together the show treatment and two weeks later we were setting up meetings to find a producer.  After a few meetings, including Ryan Seacrest’s company, we found the perfect match with the tastemakers at Skee TV.

Real Style Network: How do you balance your music careers with this?

Sera Roadnight: I truly love working in the music industry, and for me Rockstar HF is very much a passion project, so I just make the time.  I believe that if you truly care for something, no matter how busy you are you find the time and make it work.

Lori Rischer: It’s definitely a balancing act but my job in the music business comes first.  Like Sera, it’s a passion project and we have a blast doing it. We usually find time on the weekends.

Real Style Network: As busy working women, what is your top tip for women in similar situations having a hard time balancing?

Sera Roadnight: Never let your schedule overwhelm you. Make a to do list and don’t procrastinate!

Lori Rischer: You have to prioritize and make sure to find time to take care of yourself.

Real Style Network: Many people say they are too busy to work out and eat healthy. What are some easy healthy tips people can use in their life?

Sera Roadnight: Make exercise a regular part of your schedule.  Try to get your workout in first thing in the morning.  It sets a great tone to your day, and will boost your energy level.  Also, try to eat home-cooked meals as often as you can.

Real Style Network: What do you think is the key ingredient to living happier, healthier lives?

Lori Rischer: It’s all about balance, and making sure you are operating from a place of health, strength and love.  When you approach life from a negative, fear-based attitude, and low self-esteem, it’s a lot more difficult to have a good quality of life.

Real Style Network: What are some health/lifestyle products that you are loving lately?

Lori Rischer: For lifestyle, I am addicted to the Dry Bar here in LA (they blow dry your hair)….you literally never have to do your own hair again. They do such a great job and work with my crazy schedule.  Big thanks to Alessandra!!  For health, I am really into E3 Live algae right now which helps w/ energy, immune system and digestion.

Real Style Network: What are your top beauty products that you can’t go without?

Sera Roadnight: Sonya Dakar Omega-3 Repair Complex (it was one of Lori’s favorite finds on one of our Season One episodes, and I’m hooked). Also, NARS Lip Gloss.

Real Style Network: What are some of the top tips you have learned from rock stars on the road to keep healthy?

Lori Rischer: The common tip everyone uses is staying hydrated.  Everyone now understands the importance of drinking plenty of water.  I also have learned some great core and ab exercises that you can see in the episodes w/ Patrick Stump, Jake from Hedley and Kim Glass the Olympic medalist.

Real Style Network: Have you ever stolen an idea from one of the musicians that you have interviewed? If so what?

Lori Rischer: I love the Kim Glass core exercise and the prison push ups we did w/ DJ Skee.

Real Style Network: What musicians do you think people should look to for inspiration on living a healthy well balanced life?

Lori Rischer: Artists that not only take care of themselves physically and well have balanced lives but give back like Bono, Sting and Russell Simmons.

Real Style Network: Is there anyone that you would love to interview to find out their secrets?

Sera Roadnight: I have a little crush on Adam Levine, so he would be my first pick.  Also, Rihanna.

Lori Rischer: I would love to have Justin Bieber on the show. I have been working with him since the beginning, and he is definitely into health and fitness now.  Also, Enrique Iglesias because he is one of the funniest people I know and probably my favorite artist that I’ve worked with over the years.

Real Style Network: What can we expect from Season Two?

Sera Roadnight: Well, Ashton Kutcher purchased the house we were shooting in so for one, a new location.  We are also bringing on fitness expert Greg Amundson to co-host the fitness segments.  He is very well know in that circle, and has had a big impact on the whole Crossfit movement.  We’re very excited!

Watch Season One of Rockstar Health and Fitness now, while we get ready for the launch of Season two.

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