Four Foods to Eat For Glowing Clear Skin

We all want good skin, but getting it and keeping it isn’t so simple. Whether you have acne, blemishes, redness, or wrinkles, we all seem to have a skin problem we’re working through. But there are things we can do. We found 4 foods you might want to try to help you on your way to beautiful skin.

Green Tea: Green Tea has many health benefits, but what you might not know is it also keeps pimples from forming. Because of the antioxidants found in the tea, it’s an anti-inflammatory so will keep skin from those pesky flare ups

Fish: Not everyone loves the taste of fish, but fish such as mackerel, salmon, anchovies, and sardines are named by some as great go to options for clear, blemish free skin because of their health properties. Perhaps it’s time to embrace fish.

Citrus Fruits: This is probably more universally appealing than fish, but even better then the fact that these taste great is that eating these types of fruits can help tighten skin and prevent wrinkles.

Chickpeas: While some people don’t love the taste of chickpeas, there’s something to be said for their skin renewing benefits. The zinc found in chickpeas will help zits be a distant memory.

What’s even better is all these skin-friendly foods are heart healthy, so eat up!

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