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FDA Changes Rules for Sunscreen

The summer months are coming, so how we use our sunscreen is going to become even more important than usual. The FDA has made changes to the labelling of sunscreen products, so we wanted to give you a rundown of what it all means to ensure you’re ready when the warm weather comes.

Sunscreen will no longer be labeled as ‘sweat-proof’ or ‘waterproof.’ Sunscreen companies will only be able to use the words ‘water-resistant’ to describe their products, and can no longer suggest they provide instant sun protection or that they last more than 2 hours. The hope is that when we go to the store to buy our summer sunscreen we will now know we need to apply it early and often, particularly after swimming or sweating.

The second change being made is that ‘broad spectrum’ will now only be used to describe sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB. So from now on when you see ‘broad spectrum’ listed on a sunscreen bottle, you can be sure it covers all types of UV rays.

Finally, any sunscreen that only has an SPF between 2-14 can only claim to help prevent sunburn, not offer full protection. Choosing a high SPF is always a good idea as it promises you’re not going to get burnt while you’re out in the sun, but these new changes will help point out lower coverage suncreens.

Now we’re all ready to safely enjoy the sun this summer without worrying about our sunscreen doing its job.

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