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Beauty Review: Veet Easywax Electrical Roll-On

Veet wants to help you skip the trip to the salon with their at home EasyWax hair removal solution. With easy to use warming and roller applicator, this wax system is meant to make waxing your arms, legs and bikini area a breeze. We tried it out at home to see if it was as easy as the name claims.

THE HYPE: Get rid of unwanted hairs for longer from the comfort of your home.

THE TEST: Try it on our skin to see if it leaves us smoother than ever.

THE VERDICT: While the new Veet system may be easy to use, the results left us less than impressed. Even for those who have never waxed their legs before you are going to find using the EasyWax system a breeze. You simply pop in your wax and plug it in. After 20 or so minutes you can roll on the warm wax to your legs, apply the strip and pull it off. It really is just that easy, the problem we found was that when we ripped away the wax barely took anything with it. For all of the discomfort of waxing your legs, this Veet system didn’t offer results. We actually went back to re-read the instructions to see if we did something wrong. We didn’t, it just wasn’t working for us. Now we are left with red legs, that still have stubble. We had to go and shave after waxing. We are willing to give the Veet EasyWax a second try because Veet is usually high in the hair removal books, but this system fell flat.

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