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Beauty Review: Olay Complete Moisturizer

Known for their above average skin care products, it should come as no surprise that Olay has released a facial moisturizer that will work just for you. The Olay Complete line of moisturizers are made to soften, protect and still be lightweight on your skin. We tested out the moisturizer to see how it made our face feel.

THE HYPE: An all day moisturizer made just for your skin with an SPF that won’t clog pores. This really is an all in one product if it works.

THE TEST: Spend some time trying out Olay Complete for all day results.

THE VERDICT: With Olay’s high track record, it should come as no surprise that Olay Complete delivers right on their promises. With all day protection made for their Oily, Normal or Sensitive Skin, you can expect to see this moisturizer popping up in bathrooms everywhere. The best part about Olay Complete is that there are no fancy tricks or special applications needed. Apply Olay Complete in the morning, every morning for all day moisture and UV protection. It’s an easy step that you won’t be forgetting once you see smooth skin all day long. This is one product everyone can agree on.

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